Why video? | who for? | where will it be? | what will be in it? | how to get people to it? | what else?

Our company has learned to ask the right questions and listen. Learning about the resulting video – our production – is one of the first things we try to ensure with the client. The worst thing for us is a beautiful but unused video.

Recognizing needs | finding options | creativity | positive attitude | specialization

The team we are today is the result of long-term work, where the most important thing was always to properly identify people’s personality and their main motivation. As a result, we  complement each other well, we understand each other, we know each other, we have a laugh and spend the main part of the day under one roof like a family.

Image video | online & TV spot | product video | animation | promo | HR video | audio | graphics | recap | document | film | VR 360

We create original content, content made to measure for everyone interested in presenting themselves in the most widespread and popular way – video. FULLART offers complete video
production. Sometimes it is an engaging and quick record of an event, sometimes a series of large-scale commercial spots with professional actors and crew.

Script | screenplay | storyboard | location | casting | production | editing | music + sound | graphics | colours

From the very first ideas, we always focus on what emotions the resulting video should leave the viewer with, what they will take away and in the best case scenario what they will pass on. We also take note of the customer’s existing marketing and offer solutions in the form of professional marketing agencies, as they are people who can sell video where you need it.

We have our visions and great goals we want to achieve. Step by step we are working both on ourselves and on the latest technology that helps us realize our ideas. We proudly possess camera technology from RED, with which the very best best films are made today.


We look forward to working with you.



Team FULLART studia


Daniel Jakubec

Daniel is in charge of business. If you are considering long-term cooperation with our studio, or you are just interested in what we can do for you, call Dan. If he’s not in a meeting,  he’s waiting for your call…

Jan Minařík

Honza first came up with the idea of FULLART studio | After several years and hundreds of projects, during which more and more people have gradually been picked up by the studio, Honza specializes mainly on the business side, creativity and working with people.

Martin Šindler

Martin is in charge of small and medium-sized projects and also takes care of the company’s development. The camera is in his hands mainly during action scenes. At the same time, he knows
what to do when something breaks down – just fix it 🙂 – which few can do today. He has been in the company since its inception.

Štěpán Pelíšek

His combination of knowledge is incredible. He loves challenges and has a significant influence on putting our system in order. He jumped into FULLART straight after high school and has done a tremendous job since then.

Sergiu Támas
Lukáš Škoda

Having a producer is a wonderful thing, but having the best producer is priceless. Lucaso is able to anticipate and arrange in detail everything around our projects. He has experience from shooting abroad, and so we appreciate him all the more.

Romana Jakubcová

Having an overview of finances is essential in a growing company, and Romča is doing great work in this position. She also assists us on bigger productions and doesn’t just sit around in the office :).

Veronika Saad-Beňková
Bekim Hoti

Camera and lights are Bekim’s area of expertise, he has his own specific style and point of view. Creative productions are always fun with Bekim, and that is when the best ideas are made.

Daniel Mikeš

Dan joined FULALRT in 2016 as Motion Graphics Designer. Over time he began to use his editing experience and now he is in charge of post-production on the most demanding projects. Since we’ve known him he’s managed to get married and moved to Liberec.

Tomáš Kučera

Tomas is a big movie fan. Camera and especially video editing are his main tasks. He’s worked his way up from the bottom with us, and perhaps one day we will make a movie together.

Leoš Hruban

Leoš is a high school student and he enjoys what we do. When he can, he’s with us on set or he’s editing and learning quickly.